Monday, April 6, 2015

SXSW - Ex Machina


The one and only film I managed to see at SXSW was Ex Machina, a sci-fi thriller that addresses big moral questions but leaves it largely up to the audience to decide the answers for themselves. In the film a young programmer wins a trip to his billionaire boss’ reclusive estate to play the human part in a Turing test against the AI robot, Ava. It’s a beautiful, quiet, tense film all the way through. Even the peak of the action maintains an almost calm quality. The simple aesthetic and spectacular visual effects immerse you in this not-so-distant-future.

Without giving too much away, I simultaneously liked and found suspicious every single character in the movie, so I really wasn’t sure where the plot would take us, who would “get their way” so to speak. I won’t say I was surprised by the way it ended but I enjoyed the fact that I wasn't really certain until the end.

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