Monday, October 17, 2011

Tune-Yards @ Black Cat

Last Saturday, I finally got to see Tune-Yards again. It's been far too long since I last saw her live (and I missed her the last time she came through DC) and this is the first time I've seen her since her new album came out. Anyway, on to the show review:

Opening for her was Pat Jordache. I can't find anything on the internet that says his age but, boy, did he and his band look young! I had a hard time believing they were even legal to drink. For such a young(-looking) band, I do think they have a lot of potential. Their music is catchy and they had a decent stage presence that I think will get even better with time. I think they could work on their fashion a bit and they definitely need better haircuts (yes, I know that's shallow, but really, image is important in music and honestly I think they would look older with better haircuts). Pat had this deep '80s pop voice that was surprising because it didn't at all match what you would imagine his voice to sound like when you first see him, but I think he could learn to be more comfortable in his own voice - sometimes he sounded very natural but other times it sounded really forced. All of this, I think, could come in time because they definitely have potential to be one of the next big indie bands. People in the audience were definitely digging them. He also needs to learn to say his name more often because everyone in the audience kept asking who he was and he didn't say it until the very end.

Tune-Yards (aka Merrill Garbus) was amazing. She looked SO stylish in her black dress with her pink splash-of-color belt (see below for a link to the full photo album). She played mostly from her new album, though she did play a few old favorites. The audience was also pretty awesome - everyone was really high energy, dancing and singing along. I think that really helps performers and you could tell she and her band were feeding off the energy. It's nice to see that her rise to indie fame hasn't made her any less down-to-earth. She was still her usual smiling, thankful self with her taped-up Ukelele and her looping pedals. Though this time the saxophonists were on stage for most of the show and her bass player had a few new percussion instruments to play when he wasn't occupied with the base (there was one pretty cool one made of beer bottles). At the encore, Pat Jordache and his band came out with more percussion instruments and joined her for her last song (though I was sad she only did a one-song encore). I had such a wonderful time and I actually really needed a great concert like this one for my sanity. Nothing like a good concert to unwind from the stress of daily life.

More photos:
Tune-Yards @ Black Cat

Phantom Limb [mp3] - Pat Jordache
Real Live Flesh (4AD sessions) [mp3] - Tune-Yards

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