Saturday, September 24, 2011

Midpoint Music Festival: Day Two!

Day two began with banjo, plaid and some dancey tunes. In other words, I began the second night of the Midpoint Music Festival watching the Tillers perform. These Cincinnati natives played some good-ole bluegrass tunes. Their instruments were what caught my eye. They switched between various guitars and banjos. One guitar was especially marvelous. It looked like it was snatched right out of the 1950's or something.

The band's story is very interesting. They got their start playing on Ludlow Ave. in Cincinnati. Ludlow is one of my favorite streets in town. There's tons of ethnic food restaurants, cute shops, good coffeeshops and a good indie movie theater. The street sees a lot of foot traffic so I'm guessing the Tillers came by some luck while busking.

The rest of the evening was a blast. We stayed around a bit after the Tillers and saw Goose perform a few songs. We (my friend Kayleigh and I) then headed over to Arnold's to see Alone at 3 AM, a more hard-rock band from Cincinnati. Kayleigh enjoyed them a lot. While their style is not my normal choice in musical genres, I thought they had a great set.

We attempted to see Deerhoof but failed. We arrived right before they went on and apparently the Know Theatre has space limitations for their mainstage upstairs. So a certain number was allowed in and that was that. So we went to the Drinkery for a bit and caught a bit of Scattered Trees' set and ended the night back at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club seeing Izzy & the Catastrophics. Oh what a night :)

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