Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Animal video and MP3

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing more of New Animal, a fun, psychedelic electronic band from Atlanta, GA. They have a fun, progressive sound, mixing a variety of vocals, including harmonies and vocals that clash nicely, as though they're just meant to clash. When it's slow, you feel it and revel in it and as it speeds up, you dance and it's just very joyful. I enjoy bands like New Animal, if you cannot tell.

Here is a new MP3 of theirs for the song "Lift you Up." You had better hurry ... there are only 100 downloads available.

The band also just put out a video for "Lift you Up" available here: Bikers in masks riding through the neighborhood are the visuals accompanying the music in this video. It feels very circa 1955. I like it :)

Next upcoming show:
August 25, Nophest, Atlanta, GA

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