Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: Brand New

It has been brought to my attention recently that I used to be massively emo, even more so when I should have grown out of it. I was old enough to know better. It was probably because I was overweight and used hair straightners and lived in Milton Keynes and hadn't got laid for far to long. There are probably more factors than these, but they're probably the key one's. The moment came a few days back looking at my old FaceBook profile photo's and seeing things which filled me with horror, and shan't be posted here.

Back then, my band of choice for rocking out in my business mobile (I was basically a glorified Rep) was Brand New. From 2005-7 I would flit between 'Deja Entendu' and 'The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me'. To this day I'm pretty sure I could still sing all the words to every song off both albums (alone, in my car).
The thing I am least proud of though is this. I used lines from their songs as status updates which I thought was witty, clever and sometimes, sexy. In reality I was being a pussy. A great big pussy. What self respecting 25 year old would post before or after a night out that he had 'desperate desires and unadmirable plans' or drink gin so that 'my mouth will taste of gin and malicious intent'. Christ, it was a dark time. A dark time.

Still, this week I have revisited both albums whilst working from home (I am now more than a glorified Rep, I am a glorified shelf merchandiser) and found that actually, even with the teen angst aspect no one can really do the whole loud/quiet thing quite like Brand New, and some of the songs still hold up. When I say hold up, you have to give in to the teen inside you, the teen that watches 'The Hard Times of RJ Berger' and thoroughly enjoys it, and when you do, you can press 'play' on the two video's below and revel in the loud quiet menacing awesome of Brand New

Fuck, and i'd be stupid not to put this on, it's a live version, enjoy Jesse in his silly hoodie.

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