Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Governor's Ball Festival!

In only a few short weeks, I'll be making my trek to Governor's Island in New York City. What for? Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, Neon Indian, Girl talk and a few others.

Around 11ish in the morning Saturday, June 18 I'll board a ferry to the island and proceed to dance my behind off for the rest of the day. I've been to a variety of all-day summer music festivals and already I can tell that the Governor's Ball will be unique. First, there's a dance contest in the works. They're having eager dancers submit videos and the winners get an assortment of prizes, the best prize being backstages passes and the worst (or really just last place) prize being two regular tickets to the festival (still awesome, if you ask me).

Another postive about the festival is no overlapping sets. One thing I hate is having to either pick between artists or split sets in half in order to hear both. Well, that agony will be spared at the Governor's Ball.

Other activities will be mixed in with the music. Sports include beer pong (yes), ping pong, sand volleyball and basketball.

Tickets are still available! For more information, updates and other neat things, visit the website: Governor's Ball!

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