Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Antlers @ Black Cat

 On Tuesday I was psyched beyond belief to go see The Antlers at Black Cat. I was excited to see them play songs from their new album, Burst Apart. The opening band, of whom I only caught the last few songs, was Little Scream (pictured above). They seemed to me to be somewhere in between Twin Sister and St. Vincent - less poppy than Twin Sister, but the lead singer had a strikingly similar tone to her voice and even looked kinda similar but a slightly less hipstery. The few songs I heard, I liked for the most part and I think they could really grow on me with further investigation.

 One of the things I hate about seeing The Antlers lives is drunk people. I'm sorry but you just don't get wasted at a show like The Antlers. Their music is slow and contemplative. Their old album is downright tragic. All of their music is gorgeous and thought-provoking. It's not the kind of stuff you drunkenly grind with your even drunker boyfriend to. It's not the kind of stuff that warrants shouting like you're at a frat party. And for those of us who are true fans (like myself), it really takes away from the whole experience.

 The Antlers, as always, were great. Their music is full and beautiful, just as fabulous as it is on their albums - which I unfortunately don't get to say about a lot of artists. And despite their quick and somewhat dramatic rise to fame, they still seem like very down-to-earth guys. I know that's not saying much but it's really enough to describe them. They're a simple band playing lovely, complex music and they're very worth seeing live and also listening to their album, which I promise will grow on you with every listen. My only complaint was that the sound mixing wasn't great.

I Don't Want Love
No Widows
Rolled Together
Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
Putting the Dog To Sleep

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The Antlers @ The Black Cat

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