Monday, April 18, 2011

Shilpa Ray @ Red Palace

I finally saw my first (real) DC show - after living here for 6 months... *exploring my new city fail* But it was a good first show. I saw Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hookers at the Red Palace. I have been wanting to see Shilpa Ray live for a while, but the last time she was supposed to come here, her show got canceled.

 Shilpa's a pretty petit girl, but she has a big voice and I love her dark sound. Her band was pretty awesome too but I'm sad that her regular drummer wasn't there because he's a friend of mine (he used to be the drummer of Julius C). I do kind of fear for Shilpa's vocal chords sometimes - she did a lot of screaming and as good as she sounded, that can't be great for her throat.
I will say that the Red Palace as a venue isn't that great. It's kinda musty and there's cats in the bar, so my boyfriend's allergies were going nuts. Also, as seems to be the trend with small music venues everywhere, they went to the lighting school where they are taught that it's cool not to light your subjects, and what little light you shine on them must be red, with a little blue on the sides. A photographer's nightmare. However, their sound mixing was pretty good for a small venue.

Venus Shaver [mp3] - ( iTunes / Amazon )

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