Monday, February 28, 2011


This is a lazy review. It's not that the artist doesn't deserve my time, on the contrary, I should be writing words of wonder about Slowwave who's debut EP 'Drag Lake Sin' is available from their bandcamp site It's just I'm not only cash poor, I'm also time poor. So this leads me to review, post, whatever you will, in the form of quotes. Quotes that you could find on a email from a record label asking you to review the album, or on a poster advertising the album or from your friend describing the album and why you should listen to it, mainly from your friend*.
'Like melodic indie? You'll love this!'
'I liked this EP from the opening chords, I am a sucker for acoustic guitars, low level background fuzz and depressing vocals. Then it grew into something bigger, something better'
'Someone said they were like Doves, they aren't, they're like Doves but with more drum machines'
'Like Justin Vernon and Sufjan Stevens made a clone comprising of both their DNA and then accelerated its growth so it would record an album whilst they were still young enough to appreciate it'
'Actually, they are quite like Doves, and wow, he does sound like Chris Martin'
'This is something bigger, something better. Make it electric, I've got to know I'm still alive'
I am in a funny mood today. See for yourself
Pour [mp3]
*it has absolutely nothing to do with wanting them to quote me and this blog on their website, nothing at all I tell you

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