Monday, February 21, 2011

James Yuill Interview

Sat down between a box of mushrooms and a noisy coffee machine in a cafe near London Fields I met up with James Yuill to discuss many things, but for Guilt Free Pleasures, it was remixing (if you want to read the rest of my interview it's on Planet Notion).

So James, you seem to have been busy remixing recently...

I've been really busy as people have contacted me and you know if they're friends, i'm like “yeah ok”, I can never say no really. I'm a bit shit like that. The vast majority of remixes are all free, and I like doing them because the association with the band you're remixing, I did a We Have Band remix and a Trophy Wife remix, they're all for free but its a way of getting to their fans. At least you get a few more people listening to your stuff, so ok its for free but its a really good promotional tool to get your name out there. Also I just really love it, you can take someone else's song and fuck it up and you know, the pressure isn’t there, you can do whatever you want over it.

What about people doing your tracks like Disco of Doom?

They did a fantastic remix, so yeah, my manager and Stephen (from Moshi Moshi) basically get people to remix, in the same vein as me remixing other people, we get people to remix me who will do a good job, but they’re going to be doing it for free too. It works both ways, If I do a remix of someone, then I can utilise their fans, but getting someone cool to do your remixes, I can utilise theirs too, you really win both ways.

What are you up to at the moment? More remixes?

Ton's of remixes, i'm remixing blamanche, do you remember the 80's band (me: no) they had a couple of tracks on adverts, they’ve got a new album coming out and one of them is a fan, and he was nice, so i'm going to do a remix which is what i'm working on at the moment. I start a 10 date germany tour at the end of Jan and basically just building up the gigs. The single crying for hollywood is coming out in march so hope to be having a really busy festival season. Im working on new tracks at the moment but in terms of a new album it wont be for a while. I've got to tour this album a lot more and festival season is so its so busy that you don't have any time, not just festivals in the uk but like all over the world. They go until end of the year. A lot of the summer festivals are having a winter one too. And then in winter you can go to south america, I played the Hot Festival in November and it was baking.

So there you have it, and below, you can have more, as there are a couple of my favourite remixes from James.

Trophy Wife - Don't Weigh Me Down (James Yuill Remix) [mp3]

We Have Band - Love What You're Doing (James Yuill Remix) [mp3]

Broadcast 2000 - Get Up & Go (James Yuill Remix) [mp3]

James Yuill - On Your Own (Disco of Doom Remix) [mp3]

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