Friday, December 3, 2010

Q&A of the Week

Matt poses the question:

For some reason, listening to Mineral during the winter makes it sound extra bleak, but more fitting. Is there an album that, for you, takes on added seasonal significance?

Em: Ok, so it looks like I'm going to be re-using a few artists here, because part of the reason I picked them for the Thanksgiving question last week was for their wintery quality, but I'll try to add some new ones. For me, Frankel is definitely a winter band. And the Antlers' "Hospice" certainly can add a bleakness to Winter. It's a beautiful but tragic album - it is called "Hospice" after all. Chris Garneau is another I'd add to the wintery bleakness list. Probably much of Matt Jones' stuff too. But there are also some songs that make winter feel a little more snuggly, like Ane Brun, whose voice is so warm and inviting, or Temazcal by Monsters of Folk, which always makes me feel thoughtful and introspective, but in a pleasant way.

Lise: Olafur Arnalds' Found Songs is exceptionally beautiful to listen to while watching snow fall and making rosettes in a cozy kitchen (holla fellow Norwegians!)

Matt: As previously stated, winter usually brings out the more instrumental early 90s emo for me: heavy on Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and the like. [Alternative winter choice: ethereal, atmospheric sounds of Sigur Ros' ( ).] Autumn = change = Owen, who coincidentally has an album called New Leaves. But he's one of my year round favorites, so I'm not sure if that's an accurate submission.

There are three things I know for certain in answer to this question:
1) I don't have a choice for spring. I'm sorry, April. Enough said.
2) I dare anyone to seriously listen to a volume of "Now That's What I Call Music!" in the winter. That's a toughie. Whoever does so can probably also listen to "Jock Jams" outside of sporting venues. I also imagine they have several Fatheads, Wallbangers, and love letters addressed to Chase Utley.
3) Maritime's "We, the Vehicles" is the ultimate summer album. It encapsulated everything about the season perfectly without trying to do so (though the band name doesn't hurt imagining wearing a striped shirt on a schooner, if you're into that sort of thing). It parades through the SCHOOL'S OUT, Y'ALL! feeling with tracks like "Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts", "Calm", and "Tearing Up the Oxygen" before capturing our recognition of its fleeting nature "Don't Say You Don't" and "No One Will Remember". Oh, and "Young Alumni" does all of this in one song.

It's required summer listening for me.

What about you? Leave your favorite winter-time albums in the comments!

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