Friday, November 26, 2010

Q&A of the Week

Hey guys! This week we're starting something new - a Q&A feature. Every friday we'll post a question and various members of the GFP crew will answer them. For now, the questions are predetermined, but if you're wondering anything about us - from how we find the music we share to our favorite ice cream flavor - just ask away! Feel free to leave questions for us in the comments section and we'll do our best to answer them the following week. Hopefully it will give you gentle readers a better sense of who we all are here at GFP. Likewise, we'd like to hear your responses as well! Hearing from our readers gives us a better idea of who we're working for and allows us to better attune ourselves for your needs, so leave your answers in the comments section!

You've eaten too much turkey and are stuffed to the brim. All you want to do is fall asleep listening to some choice tunes. What do you throw on the ipod?

Em: The Dandy Warhols' chill psychedelic stuff or pretty much anything by Ane Brun or maybe The Antlers.

Lise: Sigur Ros, Olafur Arnalds, Yann Tiersen's "Amelie" stuff and Susanna's "Hangout" and "Home Recording." Susanna's voice is gorge.

Keith: Just like when my mate drops his customary “Top three Christmas films. Go!” question on me every year, there are three albums that popped into my head when Lise sent over this question. Death Cab for Cutie's 'The Photo Album', Fanfarlo's 'Reservoir' and First Aid Kit's 'Drunken Trees'. I think i'm going to stick to my guns on this one, with this being fantasy, and technology giving me the ability to make 'playlists' on my iphone, that is exactly what I would do, all full of turkey, roast potatoes, roast veg and beer, trying desperately to make it seem to my parents that I am less hungover than previous years, and post a Dr Who Christmas Special, I would retire, press shuffle and bask in their warming glow.

I think as a footnote, I'd better drop in my top three Christmas films, just in case you were wondering...

  1. Die Hard

  2. Muppet Christmas Carol

  3. Elf

Matt: Keith has taken the route of most retailers on this one: bringing Christmas into the equation too early rather than focus on the holiday at hand. (It's still November, damnit. Get off my lawn, and such.) Certainly, it's fair to do: retailers are advertising for deals that, unfortunately, take the gloss out of this autumnal gathering by placing our focus solely on Santa, winter wonderlands, and JESUS CHRIST, 1080P 32" LCD TVS ARE NOW UNDER $200? I'M SLITTING THROATS FOR THAT DEAL IN ORDER TO PROPERLY CELEBRATE HIS NAME NEXT MONTH!

Rather than press skip on our proverbial cornucopia - and so that I may get my Yippee Ki-Hi -Ho, Everyone on with Keith next month while I'm not busy standing on the soapbox - I'm keeping the playlist firmly planted in the idea that my clothing is starting to feel constrictive from overeating, and alcoholic overindulgence has made the post-meal board game play more intense than it should be. As such, my tunes would match the spirit of the entire arc of the Thanksgiving weekend.

To represent the Wednesday night before turkey carving with family, my playlist would begin with Tears for Fears, or a similar 80s sound approximating the nostalgic feel of seeing high school acquaintances that seem fixed on staying firmly planted in an era and bar that no longer exists to you. Eventually, it would transition into Wolf Parade and American Football, as, well, those are proxies for the primary events that dictate pop-culture entertainment on the Thursday holiday. (This is, of course, excluding my preference for watching the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode involving Turkeytron.)

Finally, to embrace the Friday that is to come, devoid of family and filled with consumerism for the month ahead of us, I'd end the playlist with some tunes by The Decemberists. (I say this, and yet, holy shit do I love clipping Black Friday coupons.) Maybe somewhere in between of all this I'd layer in "Gobbledigook" by Sigur Ros. Because it sounds like "gobble gobble."

It's Thanksgiving, you see.


Keith said...

Matt, as an Englishman, I do not recognise 'Thanksgiving' as a holiday. I see it on TV shows and all i can think of is "wasn't that when some Europeans went to the US and killed a load of indigenous people, like we did with Australia?".

Therefore, when the question was posed to me, I put 'turkey' together with 'Christmas Day', as would any Englishman, and most of Europe, well, other than Polish people, who would link Carp to Christmas.

matthew john said...

You were wise to do so.