Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kopecky Family Band

One mistake I made during CMJ was missing the Kopecky Family Band, which I managed to do twice in spite of a friend's strong recommendation. The Nashville ensemble plays big, catchy, orchestrally tinged indie rock, and they're starting to get some attention.

They were featured as an upcoming artist on NPR's "World Cafe" this week, in a segment that included the two best tracks ("Birds" and "God & Me") from their August release, The Disaster. Both showcase the band's ability to reach high while remaining grounded and eschewing overwrought pretension.

I highly recommend giving that broadcast an immediate listen, after which you can taste this light, festive treat they've dropped in your cornucopia:

There's also a brief companion video at YouTube. The Disaster (and its new companion EP) is available at Bandcamp.