Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club

In the last year I have seen Two Door Cinema Club grow from being a 'hype' band playing in small venues to a band who're adding on gigs due to sold out shows. Their songs have featured in TV shows and movies, and now I hear their debut album is being re-released. All of these things point to one thing. Two Door Cinema Club are going to be HUGE.

They deserve it too, their first EP 'Four Words to Stand On' was tremendous, and 'Tourist History', the album which followed very shortly after is a fantastic little album.
It's not like they shy away from hard work either, they seem to be constantly touring, and in the next 5 months will take in The US, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Mainland Europe, and they've added a few shows in London at the end just for good measure. If this wasn't enough, BabySweetSessions have made a short film about them, which you can view here, and the band themselves have been busy producing remixes for the likes of Passion Pit and Phoenix to name but a few. So here we have it, a video for their (re released) single 'I can talk' and a remix from the awesome Crystal Fighters.

You can find full tour listings over on their official website, I'd urge you to go check them out live now, before they start filling stadiums.

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