Friday, September 10, 2010

How Retro

First I want to apologize for not writing in a while (both to my readers and to my other writers), and for the fact that over the next few weeks, there may not be posts every day as I am in the process of moving, which I'm sure most of you know is very time-consuming.

Anyway, today I'm posting two songs that, upon first listen, I initially thought were "oldies," because of their retro song but then quickly realized they were very current. I also have to say, for someone like me who doesn't always love the style of oldies, I really like these songs.

The first one has kind of an early '60s sound to me, with simple drums, metallic guitars, spacious vocals and Beach Boy-esque harmonies.

The second song has more of a classic rock sound, with laid-back rambling/rolling verses, relaxed vocals, and then the quintessential hair-metal-esque guitar interludes, plus high-pitched male back up vocals, all of which combine to make me want to get out a lighter and sway it back and forth in the air.

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