Thursday, September 30, 2010

Folk roundup

Here are a few folksy songs from two bands with kind of darkly-Americana themed names that found their way into my inbox recently that I have been enjoying. The first is a rather hipstery music video (read: full of polaroid pictures, scruffy facial hair, and plaid shirts) by Keane side-project Mt. Desolation.

The second is a song by Midwest Dilemma, from Nebraska who kind of remind me of one of my other favorite Midwestern folk bands, Frontier Ruckus, but without a saw and harmonica. This song is "Great Depression," something that is unfortunately quite relevant and relatable to us now. In fact, I really like their album name and think it is quite zeitgeisty* for our current cultural climate: Timelines & Tragedies. And the more I listen to this song, the more and more I enjoy it and notice the rich instrumentation. Loving the tuba in particular.

*Yes, I know "zeitgeisty" isn't a real word.

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