Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Devo to Get Innovative at Moogfest

Moogfest announced today that Devo will win the Moog Innovation award this year at their upcoming festival at the end of October. "Moogfest is about celebrating the marriage of technology and art, fearlessly embracing the future while respecting the genre-definers of the past... [This award] celebrates artists that helped to catapult pop music into the future and commemorate those artists that boldly burst through established norms to pave the way forward... Devo are a perfect representation of innovative sound-sculpting and genre-defying electronic music. Like Bob Moog, Devo enthusiastically charted their own course and thus dramatically affected pop culture because of it." 

In addition to headlining the first night of the festival, the band is set to receive an elusive, "very special synthesizer" (one can only hope that it's an original from The Doors). In honor of the special award, enjoy watching Devo explain the wonders of the lazer disk. 

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