Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Narcoleptic Dancers

Melody Van Kappers and Anton Louis Jr didn't meet each other until the 2000's, despite sharing a father, Dutch footballer Johnny "Narcoleptic Dancer" Van Kappers. When their father acquired a tumor, he decided to get the whole family together for a proper reunion. Afterward, Melody and Anton began writing to each other. A year later at his funeral, Anton and Melody found a shared love for music - and even better, the ability to create it together. Thus formed the Narcoleptic Dancers.

In late June the duo released their debut EP Not Evident, a collection of carefree pop pleasure-packed romps that will ensure you a beam of sunshine on grayest of days. Every song on this EP - and I mean every song - is stellar and could easily stand alone as a single. With frolicking melodies, handclaps, benevolent acoustic guitar and bright bells, The Narcoleptic Dancers have produced uplifting fresh pop numbers that charm and twinkle alongside soothingly hip vocals and quality songcraft. Give them a listen.

Rastakraut [mp3]
Not Evident [mp3]
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