Monday, August 9, 2010

Cut Copy at Williamsburg Waterfront

Yesterday I headed over to the Williamsburg Waterfront to see one of my favorite electro Aussie bands, Cut Copy. This was actually the first time I had been to the Veoba/Jelly Pool Parties this summer: a second try after a failed attempt with the Lightning Bolt show disaster. The pool parties go hard and the waterfront was packed with (dare I say it) cute hipsters in top style.

Restless People opened up the show and surprisingly on time. The Brooklyn quartet is a summer band, with airy dance rhythms and synth vocals that evoke a Rasta/Island sound. Glasser and Memory Tapes  followed. I hate to say it but they were nothing special. Danceable, but not something to write home about.

Cut Copy went on about a quarter after 6, opening with "Lights & Music." This is one of their most popular songs and a great opener. The group was fully into it, head banging and jumping to their own music. I love when a band feels what they're doing and you feel it too. You could never tell that they had just flown in from Chicago and had barely slept. Other hits were "Nobody Lost, Nobody Found" and "So Haunted." The sound system was more to be desired - and  bassist Tim Hoey's mike was too low for the first few songs - but a small setback.

The band brought a nice surprise when they played 2 new songs off of their untitled upcoming album. "Where I'm Going" was an instant crowd pleaser. It's a blend of 60's beach/psychedelia harmonies and poppy rhythms. Later they played "Blink and You'll Miss the Revolution," and I just have to say wow. You can tell a new song is a success when the audience is dancing uncontrollably. It's much heavier on the drum and bass than their typical stuff, yet still maintains an essence of 80's nuwave. This will definitely be one of the hits off the album.

Cut Copy ended after an hour long set, an encore, and soaking through their shirts. It was a great day, an outstanding show.

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