Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clusterfunk comes to the Knitting Factory

Photo by Cole RamstadClusterfunk is an event that's been going down every so often at a little spot in Williamsburg called Cameo. It's always headlined by Turkuaz (on whom we've previously reported) and features other local purveyors of the various flavors of funk. This Friday it graduates to the Knitting Factory, where the headliner will actually be Deitch, Hall, Lockhart & Loftin, a group comprising some of the area's notable funk and jazz musicians, including supernatural drummer Adam Deitch. [Late-breaking development: Deitch, Hall, Lockhart & Loftin have apparently canceled. Turkuaz will now headline, and hip-hop group Nyle X Naysayers has been added to the lineup.]

Turkuaz will still be there in a supporting role, along with Mamarazzi (pictured above). More information and advance tickets are available here.

For now, here's Mamarazzi's slow-jam single from earlier this year, along with a mangled remix by Kool A.D. of Das Racist.

Mamarazzi - Gangster [mp3] (Bandcamp)
Mamarazzi - Gangster (Kool A.D. Remix) [mp3]

The Knitting Factory seems to be doing pretty well since its move to Brooklyn last year. The new location has an independent bar and hosts some fun and interesting events, such as "The Muppet Vault," which took place this past Sunday, presented by The MuppetCast and ToughPigs, two Muppet enthusiast websites. Among other things, they screened some of the recent videos from The Muppets Studio's YouTube channel, the latest of which is "Pöpcørn," which I'd go so far as to say is the Swedish Chef's most successful musical effort since he duetted with Big Bird on "The Christmas Song."

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