Monday, June 28, 2010

Parenthetical Girls @ Coco66

NOTE: Apologies for the lack of pictures - I'm short on time and wanted to get this posted today because US Royalty has a show tonight. Check back tomorrow to see the pictures.

Saturday night I hit up the Northside Festival and went to see Parenthetical Girls at Coco66. First up was DC-based US Royalty, and they were pretty awesome. They're music is that high-energy rock with a hint of bluesy grit that I love so much. Not only did they hit my rock 'n' roll sweet tooth with their music, but they actually had stage presence and I think it's very possible that these guys could be quite successful if they can get the right backing. They kind of reminded me of Cage the Elephant, who are doing quite well for themselves these days, except I liked US Royalty even better than Cage the Elephant (and their singer can actually sing, which helps...). They have a show tonight at Pianos. See the flier below.

Parenthetical Girls were also quite good, although in a completely different way. I have to say, they weren't quite what I was expecting. I expected a lot more theatrics from the entire band but Zac Pennington was definitely the main attraction in terms of drama. He's quite the performer, never standing still and often walking or dancing around in the audience or on the furniture - it's probably best to see him at a venue that has wireless mics because dragging the cord around the entire venue nearly caused some problems a few times, and it would've been nice to see him with even less restriction to his movement. His voice and his look are quite unique and he has a combination of endearing quirkiness and mysterious intensity about him that make the show quite interesting. They played a lot of new songs, and I have to say I really liked most of them. Some of them were downright danceable and I was totally rocking out. I'm quite excited for their upcoming album, despite the fact that Zac kept apologizing for only playing new songs.

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