Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers' Day Mixtape

My mother is a punk rocker. She went to concerts a lot when I was growing up. She was even in the "Somebody to Shove" music video by Soul Asylum when I was a kid (just an extra, but I still thought it was pretty cool). Instead of listening to children's music in the car, we listened to great late-80's / early-'90s music like EMF, Nirvana, Midnight Oil and Erasure to name a few of the ones I remember liking the most as a child. And so it is fitting that the mothers' day present she requested of me was a playlist / mixtape. Sorry it's a little late, mom. Here were her requirements:
~No ballads, only exception one or two hooky high drama numbers
~No sensitive singer/songwriters; they've got to rock like they mean it
~No Britney - no exceptions (I like to annoy her by putting Britney Spears on the mix CDs I make for her)
~Released in the last year, unless it is absolutely the perfect choice between two songs
~Must make me want to get out of the car and dance

Here is what I came up with. They don't follow all the criteria perfectly, but I think I did pretty well. Feel free to post your suggestions in the comments:
TV [mp3] - Headlights (iTunes / Amazon)

And I offer this last song separately because I feel like I've already put it on one of her mix CDs even though it's not on my list. But I'll throw it on just in case, because if it's not on there, that's a travesty. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie! I totally missed this on Monday as I was frantically getting stuff ready for a state audit. I'll give it a spin in the car tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Me again. I already have the Fanfarlo and Hard Lessons songs. You owe me two. Nothing for my Ida Maria or Amanda Palmer love? And that really isn't very many songs. GFP readers, please make suggestions!