Friday, May 28, 2010

End of the Week Catch Up

Us vs. Them - Common Prayer [mp3] (myspace) Common Prayer is a Brooklyn group led by Jason Russo of Hopewell. This is the first track off their upcoming There Is A Mountain, which will be released digitally on June 1st on the band's own label in the US. A slightly grunged hard beat drives this piano/acoustic guitar number into a summer indie romp.

Night and Day - Chief [mp3] (myspace) California 4-piece Chief are set to release their debut album Modern Rituals on August 17th. There's something vintage Coldplay in their sound, although their songcraft is not as latching, but nevertheless, the harmonies are satisfying and the tunes quite good for a debut. Check out their myspace for more info on their US tour, which kicks off today.

Fingers - Corey Dargel [mp3] (website) (iTunes) This midi-harpsichord track flushed with 8-bit filters is off Dargel's Someone Will Take Care Of Me album, which came out earlier this week.

Brittle Bones - Richard Walters[mp3] (myspace) (iTunes) To be quite honest, I'm not quite sure why I got an email about this Oct 2009 release today, but the track was too solidly good to pass up. Richard Walters is a man who writes about unusual topics - the anxiety of starting a new affair, having a seizure, and domestic abuse from the point of view of the abuser - and brilliantly places them in gorgeous quiet numbers filled with light acoustic guitars, eased pianos and heart-wrenching falsettos. This is the type of song you can get lost in.

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