Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Imagine four demonic Bunraku puppets. Now imagine they play hard-core psychadellic surf rock. That's what you'll get with Daikaiju. Based out of Huntsville, Alabama and our very own Washington Heights, the band's name means "giant monster" and their music lives up to it.

I saw Daikaiju perform last night at The Shrine in Harlem, a great spot that brings free nightly music. The quartet ran out onto the stage behind their signature Japanese mutant masks and immediately went into an ax-grinding, heavy instrumental song. There are no lyrics - in fact, they never spoke once - maintaining a bad ass anonymity similar to Kiss. Taking on the names Secret-Man, Rumble-Man, Hands-Man and Rock-Man, they are as much performance as they are the music. Their syncopated movements compliment the strong percussion of the double drum sets and reverberating surf riffs. This band is not for the faint of heart. Daikaiju brings a heavier sound that pushes beyond the typical surf rock genre. And if you don't feel the urge to dance, you're probably a paraplegic.

Daikaiju will be performing at Don Pedro's today, 5/4, Death by Audio on 5/9 and Shea Stadium on 5/10. Check out an exclusive track off their upcoming album and/or purchase their self-titled album here.

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