Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Andrew Belle - The Ladder

I don’t know what it is about Andrew Belle that I love so much, especially considering how much I typically hate poppy male singer-songwriters (John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and that John Mayer sound-a-like… what’s his name? Jason Mraz I think… all literally induce my gag reflex and I immediately have to lunge for the radio to turn it off). There’s something different about Andrew Belle though. Maybe it’s just that his album is actually good and not just catchy pop dribble (although I do have to say that a few tracks fall dangerously close). There’s also something kind of cinematic about his music – it makes me see pretty sweeping shots of scenery in my head. His music would definitely be good for film soundtracks. And then I think there’s a melancholy to his music that the other poppy male singer-songwriters lack.

I'm not the only one who's loving him. His song was #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts and was in the top 25 on Billboard Heatseekers (whatever that means), and this is only his debut album (self-released on less!). He's great proof that a self-released album doesn't have to sound low budget. So check him out.

The Ladder [mp3] - (iTunes)

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Rick said...

Yep! Could not agree more! Not just because he is my son either ;)