Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick Links - Tracks & Upcoming Releases

Hollywood- Codeine Velvet Club [mp3] (myspace) A new project from The Fratellis' John Lawler and songwriter Lou Hickey, this is a track coming off of their self-titled album that drops April 6th. It's wonderous 60's-esque rock-pop with echo-y strings and male/female harmonies. They are currently touring with Metric.

Big Escape - Pearly Gate Music [mp3] (myspace) Another 60's rock-infused number, this time with toe-tapping strums and a good hook, this track is from their self-titled debut full length, in stores May 18th.

Surrounded By Your Friends - Hooray for Earth [mp3] (myspace) The track starts off with tambourine and gritty synths, but gentle male vocals quickly rush in to make the electro-pop a bit more spacious. This is the lead off track from their upcoming re-packaged MOMO EP, out June 1st.

Crocus - Br'er [mp3] (myspace) Okay, so this track is more my style this time of year, with delicate baritone ukulele picking, lullaby-like melody and a little accordion flair. The song is part of a compilation called "A Cure For The Broken-Hearted," which releases in May. Each compilation is going to be packaged in its very own accordion book, with printed watercolor illustrations and information about the songs. You can read more about it here.

Driving To LA - Household Names [mp3] (myspace) A four-piece band from Austin, Household Names will be self-releasing their third record, Stories, No Names on May 11th. It's mainstream friendly with clean guitars and sweetened alternative pop production.

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