Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Janelle Monae - "Tightrope" Video

Here's a fun video from Janelle Monae. I can totally see the "Tightrope" becoming the next big group club dance - and this actually deserves it because it looks cool and is an awesome song (unlike that stupid Cha Cha Slide song). I do have to say that parts of the video are a little weird and don't seem to fit with the rest (particularly the end where these two hooded, faceless figures are following her around). But overall the video (and the song) are pretty much guaranteed to get you dancing, so check it out.


Katie said...

The youtube version of this video is more like a short film, and they're in an asylum where dancing is not allowed, or something. Not saying it makes more sense, but I guess there's some context? I love, love, love this song though. I want to dance to it every day.

msangie225 said...

Those hooded people are called Droids and they stem from the 'Metropolis' concept that Janelle Monae has surrounded her music with :-) And she calls herself Cindi Mayweather. I think the video was cute and makes me love the song even more! You can hear more come May 18th when her album "ArchAndroid" drops :-)