Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Links

Blood - The Middle East [mp3] (iTunes) (myspace) Amazingly solid and sturdy songs have been secretively emerging from this Australian band these last few months since the release of their debut EP. Sounds like Bon Iver meets Fleet Foxes with a splash of Arcade Fire whimsy.

Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons [mp3] (iTunes) (myspace) From another debut EP, this song has become a favorite of mine. It got people talking when Australian listeners rated it no.1 on the Triple J hottest 100 countdown, if only because the world was so surprised that the masses could come together and choose something without autotune and hip hop beats. It's fantastic folk-rock with voices that chime in harmony over raw acoustic guitars.

Rocket Ship Love
- Julian Berntzen [mp3] (iTunes) (myspace) This one released in 2008 but showed up in my inbox this month. Pop with a bit of sass to spruce up those gray wintry skies. Recommended for those who like Mika.

Change of Time - Josh Ritter [mp3] (myspace) Advance track from Josh Ritter's upcoming album So Runs the World Away, which drops May 4th.

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