Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nouvelle Vague @ Webster Hall 1/23/10

I realize this is a bit delayed but I had the privilege of attending the Nouvelle Vague show at Webster Hall on January 23rd. Not only that, but I got to film an interview with one of the band members and producers, Marc Collin, beforehand (keep your eye out for that to be posted some time soon - I'm having YouTube issues so for today, I'm just going to write about the show).

Opening for Nouvelle Vague was the lovely Clare and the Reasons. Adorable, as always, she had more brass players than the last time I saw her, which was a very nice addition. Unfortunately, the audience was kind of a bust during her set - everyone in the back at the bar was talking which kind of ruined it for us up front and seemed to be zapping a bit of energy from the band. Of course, it was still a fun set. I felt bad for one of the band member's sister, Meredith, as the French percussionist / saw player kept dedicating every song to her since I guess this was her first time making it out to one of their shows. I also have to say that the little branches they always put in front of their microphones, while a cute idea, make it really hard to see (and photograph) their beautiful faces, so I kind of wish they would move them behind them or something.

All the Wine [mp3] - (iTunes)

Nouvelle Vague was headlining and they were fantastic. I'm kind of pissed actually because that might be the best show I see all year, and it was only the third week of January!!! The two lead singers, Karina and Helena, were some of the most entertaining and sexy front-women I've ever seen and they seemed like they were having so much fun, dancing up a storm, acting out the music, crawling around on the floor, and just in general rocking out. I have to say, I picked the perfect spot to stand, as Karina (pictured right) kept coming and standing/sitting on the front of the stage directly in front of me. They played a very long set with two encores (set list photo courtesy of my dear friend Ryan Ong, who took some fabulous photos of the show, as well).

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