Monday, February 22, 2010

Kid Savant

This one’s a slow burn, but I couldn’t take my ears off of it. Kid Savant consists of Ryan Weisberger, John Sullivan, Kevin Pariso and Andrew Wendahl, and when they're all put together they make a fusion of pop, electro-rock and synth-riddled tracks that conjure whirlwinds of hypnotic reveries. Once you've listened to them, it should come as no shock that their synth sound was influenced by late-night clubs and DJs, but whereas an addition of rave-like effects can easily create a heavy and repetitious song, Kid Savant's usage creates complexity and depth. "We try to reincorporate certain staple parts of house/techno songs like a breakdown or crawl into our own novel sound."

Oh yeah, and they're all college students.


Anonymous said...

love these guys.

Anonymous said...

they are going to make it

birdykins said...

If perfection could manifest itself in a song this would be it.