Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beats Antique

Beats Antique are a San Francisco–based group that makes Middle Eastern–flavored electronic music. They consist of two DJ/musicians and, oddly, a belly dancer. While I can't speak to their music's suitability for belly dancing, I very much enjoy the marriage between staggered beats, deep synths and exotic horns and strings. They can perhaps be seen as a West Coast twist on Balkan Beat Box, and a welcome twist in my opinion.

Their most recent release of new music is the EP Contraption, Vol. I. I'm a fan of the EP format in general, and I think it suits them particularly well, as I find that a half hour is about the amount of time that I typically wish to spend listening to this kind of music.

"Junktion" is a chilled, downtempo track driven by banjo and bass, along with a nice beat. "She's Looking for Something" is significantly darker and has a trip-hop vibe, which is aided by the female lead vocals by Janover. There's also some fairly creepy hip-hop scatting from her frequent collaborator, the Bay Area rapper/beatboxer Lynx.

Junktion [mp3] (BandCamp)
She's Looking for Something (feat. Lynx & Janover) [mp3] (BandCamp)

As a bonus track, here's "Shout It Out" from Lynx & Janover's own album, Between Worlds. This one has a similar sound to the Beats Antique track but is produced by David Starfire.

<a href="">Shout It Out by LYNX & Janover</a>

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