Friday, November 20, 2009

International Finds: Real Ones

Real Ones are childhood friends from Bergen, Norway who have apparently been performing together since their teens. In listening to them, you would never guess they're Norwegian. Their lyrics are all in English and their music is part country, part psychadelic pop, with hints of influences from around the world - Africa, China, India, and more. Often compared to The Flaming Lips, I think that's an apt comparison, though I think they're a little TOO country to be all that closely compared. But they definitely have that everythings-amazing-let's-all-group-hug-good-trip psychadelic pop sound that Flaming Lips is infamous for. Here's a song off their (upcoming?) US debut, All For the Neighbourhood (though I can't seem to find a release date or really any information about it whatsoever...)

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