Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glass Pear - Streets of Love

Last week Glass Pear released their debut full length album Streets Of Love. We've blogged about them before on GFP about their well-known "Last Day Of Your Life" track and are happy to report that Glass Pear still consists of Keane-like piano melodies and well-crafted instrumentation. Frontman Yestyn Griffiths is not new to the songwriting realm, as he helped co-write many of the tracks on older sister Jem's albums Finally Woken and Down To Earth. Most of the album contains mainstream-friendly rock-alt ballads with focus on fresh piano and clean drumwork (courtesy of their drummer Tash), although there are a few songs here and there that take on a different vein, whether it be the simplistic and beautiful guitar-based "My Ghost" or the quick-beated Cure-inspired romper "Streets Of Love." The culmination of ten tracks results in an album that's well polished and cohesive, and the track entitled "Morning Light" that was separately released speaks of a more accomplished Radiohead sound that hints of the band's future growth.

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