Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CouchCrash @ Southpaw

Friday night, I attended the very first concert that I myself co-organized with my friend Jason for NYC CouchCrash. I must say, it was a smashing success. Something around 200 people showed up and had a blast! I'm not going to write too much about it because I'm short on time, but all the bands were fabulous, and the whole night built in a really phenomenal way. The bands totally fed off each others' energies (and the audience's). The bands were, for those who missed my earlier announcement: Shark?, Ravens & Chimes, Urban Sun and Midnight Spin. Below is a slide show and some mp3s for your listening pleasure. Special thanks to all those who helped make it possible (especially Southpaw!).

I've Got Friends [mp3] - Shark? - Fear! EP
Rhythm In The Dark [mp3] - Midnight Spin - Through the Mojo Wire EP
The Faraway Sound of Cars [mp3] - Ravens and Chimes - Reichenbach Falls (iTunes)
Practice Me [mp3] - Urban Sun - Practice Me (iTunes)

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