Friday, August 21, 2009

Tim Williams

I guess it's just been our week for male singer-songwriters, because the inbox has been packed with them. Today I bring you Tim Williams, who is releasing his sophmore album Careful Love on Oct 20th. His debut album When Work Is Done was released in 2007, and shortly thereafter Williams' heart needed a pulmonary valve replacement. The surgery left him in need of a long recovery time, during which he penned "I Hit Another Wall," and an EP. That alone tells me that the man is a true musician - nothing in his life has affected his need to express his self through music. His upcoming album Careful Love contains William's musical diary of his time following heart surgery and feeling the need to move closer back home to his loved ones, full of wonderfully well crafted indie acoustic songs.

Since fileden has seemingly decided to stop working for more than 24 hours, we're sharing this one using zshare.

Bruise [mp3] (iTunes)

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