Friday, August 28, 2009

This Post Has No Cohesion Whatsoever, Aside From Songs You Should Know

I could write many separate posts, focusing on each band at a time, spreading it all over the weekend and totally hogging the post sessions. Or I could just post it all in one big "here you go, enjoy." Since I have to de-wallpaper and paint my place this weekend, and I'm sure you just want the goods as soon as possible, lets go with the latter, shall we?

Let Me Die In Southern California - The Voyces [mp3]
The Voyces are releasing their new album with the same title as the track above on September 28th. They're currently rising high in the blogosphere, already topping Hypemachine's charts.

Meet and Greet - Slaraffenland [mp3] (iTunes)
Slaraffenland are an awesome rock/folk band from Denmark. Their upcoming album We're On Your Side drops September 15 through hometapes before they take off for a tour with Akron.

Action/Reaction - Choir of Young Believers [mp3] (iTunes)
Also from Denmark, Choir of Young Believers just released their debut album on the 18th. I think the best way to describe their music is tell you that whenever I'm shuffling through my itunes and hit one of their songs, I stop shuffling.

Fok - Olafur Arnalds [mp3] (iTunes)
Your moment of beautiful zen for the day from the land of well-crafted cinematic songs, Iceland. Strongly recommended for fans of Yann Tiersen or the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack (Jean-Yves Thisbaudet), this Classical/Indie/Electronica music from the 21-year old Olafur Arnalds will blow you away and then enrapture you until you get lost in the music. I debated between posting this song and 3055, so if you like, make sure to check out that track as well on his myspace.

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sarasips said...

That Voyces song is outstanding. :)