Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jupiter One

Jupiter One is not just similar to the name of a spaceship from the 60's show Lost In Space, it's also a quartet of 20-year olds who craft guitar-oriented indie pop-rock numbers that kick. Their upcoming album Sunshower drops September 15th, and the first single from the album, "Flaming Arrow" features acoustic guitars, drum rhythm that would inspire anyone to do the Carlton dance (no seriously, watch this without the volume and play the song over it), and some really nicely placed strings.


babs m said...

I'm sure the band is great! But in fact, it was the Jupiter 2 on Lost in Space. Best wishes!

Lise said...

Darn it Babs, you're right. I thought my Lost in Space knowledge was better than that. Thanks for the correction.

Turns out "Jupiter One" was actually inspired by the Japanese short film Dreams by Akira Kurosawa.

jupiterone said...

Hi Lise and Babs,

good news. Yer BOTH right!

Babs- Jupiter 1 was the name of the FIRST spaceship in "Lost In Space." It also crashed and burned, never got there, a failed mission. The Jupiter 2 was the one that made it.

Lise-The band name wasn't inspired by the Japanese short film "Dreams".....but the new album WAS! It's called "Sunshower."

(everyone wins)

Thanks for taking the time to write about us...we hope the music makes you feel good :)