Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blonde Redhead @ Prospect Park

Not quite two weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing Blonde Redhead at Prospect Park. Opening for her was Icelandic songstress Olof Arnalds. Considering she was on that big stage all by herself, playing for an audience that had been thinned out by rain, she performed quite well. She was adorable and has a very sweet voice. Her set was punctuated with cute stories in between songs. And of course she did an acoustic MJ tribute with the song Billy Jean. All in all a strong set under not ideal circumstances.

Blonde Redhead was great. Despite the rain clouds looming overhead, the true fans came out and the place was relatively full by the time they went on (and luckily, it didn’t rain anymore that night). This was the first time I’d had the privilege of seeing them live and the duo is quite captivating. It was very cool to see them in Prospect Park because their full, surging sound really filled up the space and floated nicely amongst the trees and audience. It was a fun, relaxed atmosphere – a perfect summery Friday night. And I have to say, the clouds were looking pretty cool (albeit a little apocalyptic) as the sun set:

Við og Við [mp3] - Ólöf Arnalds (iTunes)
Spring and by Summer Fall [mp3] - Blonde Redhead (iTunes)

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