Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Acorn

Sometimes I simply make my way through the perpetual musical bread crumbs of the friends-of-the-myspace-friends realm to find new music or bands I've never heard before. For me, that's the sole purpose of myspace - the possibility of great musical discovery. Sometimes I find them, other times not, and every now and then I end up at a band I'm already familiar with. Earlier this week I came across folk-rock Canadian-based The Acorn, a band I already knew and loved from the moment I heard their song "Crooked Legs." That song alone has accompanied me on many a road trip, beating through the mountains of Colorado, lushly swaying down to the Pacific shore of San Francisco and xylophoning across the plains of South Dakota (past the Corn Palace), so imagine my surprise when I saw that it only had a little over 4,000 listens. Atrocious. I came to GFP, certain I had already posted about them before, and discovered I had not. So allow me to rectify that at once and urge you to download this song and take it outside, whether it be walking through a city street or up a mountain or through the rain.

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