Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ravens & Chimes, Mia Riddle @ Joe's Pub

Saturday night I hit up Joe's Pub to see one of my favorite local bands, Ravens & Chimes. It's been way too long since I've seen them perform and I'd heard they'd been writing a bunch of new stuff. I was also very excited to see Mia Riddle because I caught only the very end of her set at the Deli Magazine Best of New York show and definitely wanted to hear more.

Mia Riddle was up first. She started out a little bit... nervous? Timid? I think she was a tad bit overwhelmed about playing at the infamous Joe's Pub. She kept saying how awesome it was to be there ("like a dream come true!"). As the set went on, she got more and more confident (as did her band), which was great to see. She has a very strong voice and a good stage presence, especially when she smiles and looks like she's having fun. The audience seemed to be really digging her particular brand of folk rock, as was I.
Echo [mp3] - (iTunes)

Ravens and Chimes also seemed a little nervous and warmed up as they went. I guess it's the Joe's Pub reputation for star-making. They played quite a few new songs, which is exciting. I am really looking forward to hearing even more when their next album comes out. Although, I was a little disappointed that they didn't play my very favorites (in their defense, I do love basically all their old stuff though. And they did play "General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone!" which is fitting since we were on Lafayette street). I was also not so impressed with the mixing for their set, but that's not their fault. And at least lead singer Asher's underwear didn't get stolen (apparently he used to perform commando and once his underwear got stolen during a gig at Maxwells, but he no longer goes commando). During the show, he also told a funny story about almost getting arrested but getting out of it by telling the cop he was in a band.

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