Monday, June 15, 2009

If "My So Called Life" were a song...

I stumbled upon Meryn Cadell's gem of a song The Sweater long ago...actually, I was able to find this song while my awkward dating years were still in motion (that, of course, assumes that those years are altogether behind me, which, honestly, I'm not sure is entirely the case).  Every once in awhile, I will put The Sweater on and jam out, waxing poetic about middle school and little Joe Humphries, my first love (which, by the way, ended quite tragically, when he threw a handful of dirt at my favorite puff-paint sweatshirt).  

All you girls out there, enjoy.  Boys, take note.

The Sweater - "angel food for thought" [mp3] (iTunes)


Brian said...

Good album and song choice. The male counterpart are a few songs from Pursuit of Happiness - "Beautiful White", "Walking in the Woods". Also reminds me of Jane Sibbery "Waitress".

Ralph Alfonso said...

You can also mail order it directly from my label, Bongo Beat Records, which re-issued this cd with bonus tracks & extended liner notes


Ralph Alfonso