Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So my Phoenix post a while back encouraged me to check out more Parisian artists, and I came across Sliimy, the up-and-coming French phenomenon. I guess Perez Hilton posted about him back in December and is thus strangely accredited to "discovering" Sliimy, but I don't really read Perez Hilton and I'm going to assume that you don't either. Sliimy is from Saint-Etienne and sounds like a perfect mesh of Kate Nash, Mika and Little Jackie. His first single is the catchy "Wake Up" from his debut album Paint Your Face, and it's been THE song of the week for me. His cover of Womanizer is also fabulous and has gotten a lot of love - it can be heard on his myspace. This is energized and inspired pop ensured to perk up your day, so check out this Parisian who no doubt is going to be the talk of the international town this summer.

Wake Up [mp3] (iTunes)

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