Monday, May 25, 2009

Peter Bjorn & John @ 9:30 Club

I'm totally behind on posting about this, but a bit ago, I got the chance to see Peter Bjorn & John in concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

The show was amazing. The 9:30 Club is standing room only, and we were fortunate enough to be standing right up against the platform at stage right, just beneath Bjorn. Literally. When the crew was setting up the lighting, a swooner with a British accent told me not to touch the light or else no one would be able to see Bjorn, and it would all be my fault. Then he winked and my knees went weak. But I digress.

I've never seen Peter Bjorn & John live before, but I have long been a fan of their 2006 album, Writer's Block, which makes me not at all special, because everyone fell in love with it.
Regardless, the happy-indie-folksy-ness of Young Folks made me love life (and Peter, too).

I have to say, I anticipated the show to be much more intellectual and introspective, and, boy, was I wrong! It was a rock and roll show through and through--complete with squealing girls screaming "Marry me, Peter!!!" and a fight here and there amongst members of the audience.

The band recently released its newest LP, "Living Thing," which I have yet to fall in love with head over heels (but I feel it coming). The band did a great job of mixing their more familiar hits with the nouveau jams. I was particularly impressed at how much they still enjoyed playing Young Folks, because it is easily their biggest hit and the audience was clearly filled with people who came just to hear it played.


Diana S. said...

how did the new tunes sound? Writer's Block was one of my favorite albums of 2006 (or 2007, or whenever it was), and i too am still warming up to Living Thing. I'd imagine "Lay It Down" would sound awesome live.

Lauren Kay said...

Everything live was incredible. It has actually made me less warm to the recorded album because live it was just. so. awesome. "Lay It Down" was one of the highlights, though I would say that their older songs still lend themselves better to live shows. (At least if they're going to be so high energy during live shows.)