Thursday, April 16, 2009

Theme Thursday: Covers

I'm officially bringing back Theme Thursday (I'm not sure if it was ever 'out,' but I'd like to think that I'm a trendsetter). This Thursday's theme is covers. From time to time, I crave the familiarity of the oldies but goodies. I have to say, it's a pretty unsatisfying experience...Inevitably, I find myself wishing, yearning, that these songs were imbued with the soul-searching angst of indie rock. And thus, I was determined to find some indie-awesome covers that had the best of both worlds: familiarity and soulful inflection. Here are my findings:

Can't Help Falling in Love [mp3] Ingrid Michaelson - "Be OK" (iTunes). I love Ingrid Michaelson with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. She's so phenomenal, and she lends her glister to this awesome cover of The King's old hit.

In My Life [mp3] Leah Siegel - "Beatles Complete on Ukulele, Vol. 1" (iTunes). This isn't the last you'll hear of Leah Siegal from me. I have fallen into a deep infatuation with her lyrical perspective, and find myself queueing her up over and over again. In My Life has just the right balance of old and new to make me swoon.

Make You Feel My Love [mp3] ADELE - "19" (iTunes). This British crooner helps me to love unrequited love (story of my life) with this cover of Bob Dylan's original. Make You Feel My Love lives in the land of covers, having been refab'd by such as Trisha Yearwood, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel and more...and so it's all the more incredible that ADELE's version is by far my favorite.

Sea of Love [mp3] Cat Power - "Juno" (iTunes). By far my favorite track off of the Juno soundtrack, which is saying a lot existing as it does in the sea of indie-awesomeness. The detached, old-time radio feel of Sea of Love makes waves of happiness swell somewhere deep down inside.

Handle Me With Care [mp3] Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - "Rabbit Fur Coat" (iTunes). I have long held that I will know when I have found my soul mate when I find someone who has a deep and abiding love for The Traveling Wilburys. When I found Jenny Lewis' rendition of Handle Me With Care, my standards tightened quite a Mr. Right has to know both The Traveling Wilburys and Jenny Lewis.

Such Great Heights [mp3] Iron & Wine - "Such Great Heights EP" (iTunes). This song is just the best I'm-irrationally-in-love song ever. And so, when I found this ridiculously mellow version of the song, I found myself plunged into a reverie where both I and he have freckles in our eyes.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World [mp3] Clare & The Reasons (iTunes). By far my favorite on this list, Clare Muldaur could woo me all day, everyday. *Sigh*

What a Wonderful World [mp3] The Innocence Mission - "Now the Day is Over" (iTunes). The perfect ending to a near-perfect list! What a Wonderful World makes me see the world through wonderfully hazy glasses, and makes me feel that all is right in life!


Diana S. said...

"Hot In Here'' covered by Jenny Owen Youngs! solid.

but i have to agree with you about Handle With Care and Such Great Heights, definitely.

Anonymous said...

if you like Adele, you'll LOVE Angel Taylor and her record "Love Travels" check it out on itunes or anywhere really