Monday, April 20, 2009

Regina Spektor Update!

Just in case you guys were unawares, Regina Spektor is coming out with a new album entitled Far on June 23th. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about this, save for two reasons...

1. I am a snobby and obsessed Regina Spektor Fan. For reals. Not counting doubles, I have 183 songs of hers in my iTunes collection, because I download live concert mp3s and keep the unreleased songs she's created (and just assume that Regina writes like 2 new songs every day). Also, if you can't list the two songs Regina plays on guitar and what color guitar she plays, you are NOT allowed to stand in front of me at one of her concerts. Priority seating, people. Fans up front.

2. With this album, people who have only accustomed themselves to Fidelity and a few select songs from Begin to Hope will realize what Regina REALLY sounds like, because if you don't immediately think "anti-folk" when you think of Regina, you're in trouble. She's not a pop musician, she's anti-folk. And if you don't know that yet, Far will certainly let you know (I hope). The tracklist hasn't been released yet, but we do know that these songs will be included:

Blue Lips (I absolutely freaked out in public when I read this - I LOVE this song)
The Calculation
Folding Chair
The Genius Next Door
The Wallet
Laughing With

So here's a question for all you die-hard Regina Spektor fans: what song do you hope will be on the upcoming album? I'm guessing "One More Time With Feeling" with be on there, but my current superwish is "Loveology." Give it a listen, and tell me you agree.

Loveology [mp3]
Recorded 10-17-2004 at Tonic in NYC


Anthony said...

Dude, (or miss) :) It is impossible to pick a favorite Regina song. I'm obsessed too. She is my absolute favorite artist since the Beatles. Her style isn't like them at all except for the fact that all her songs are their own little separate units just like they wrote songs. For people who love music, she is just a dream.

sublimely stumbling said...

I can name 5 guitar songs. Would it be alright for me to stand in front of you? Don't worry, I'm really little.

Anonymous said...

Christ, I can just imagine it - you're one of those people who, when the first few notes of an (unreleased) song are played live you shout "whoooo!" and all but get a stepladder so that everyone can see you all the clearer mouthing along to every word.

Lise said...

Anthony - Since you love the Beatles as well, I'm guessing you adore "Once More With Feeling", no? I think there's tons of influence there in chord progression. And Regina's cover of Real Love? Ohmybabies.

Sublime- 5? Woah hold on here... please list, because all I'm thinking of is That Time and Bobbing For Apples. Love You're A Whore and Long Brown Hair are both guitar-based songs, but I've always seen those played by a guitarist, not Regina. I've never seen her perform One-String Blues though, and I would totally believe she played that on guitar. Am I missing any others? At any rate, the fact that you're a clear Regina fan and little, you can stand infront of me anytime - be warned though, if you're not shorter than I am, I may have to take someone else out in the front if you can live with that on your conscious, then perfect.

Lise said...

Oh, and Anonymous - I may shout whoo in support of the song (briefly, mind you, because every moment I'm making noise is a moment I'm not hearing Regina), but I DONT mouth along, nor do I sing along. That's actually a huge pet peeve of mine.

sublimely stumbling said...

1. Bobbin' for Apples
2. That Time
3. One-String Blues
4. Woolen Gloves
5. Be Like a Cloud

All played by Regina herself on guitar. Although, I admit, I don't think the last three have ever been performed on the Wildkat.

btw, it's called "One More Time with Feeling" as far as I know. And I love every second of it.

Lise said...

sublime - omg. I just watched Buffy the other day, so I guess 'Once More With Feeling' was closer in memory than 'One More Time With Feeling.' Nevertheless, I am ashamed of my blunder, especially since I did it twice. Excuse me while I walk away, Charlie Brown style.

Also, I don't have Woolen Gloves and Be Like A Cloud in my collection, which is why I was unfamiliar. I must remedy this immediately.

Melissa said...

I just saw Regina at the Beacon in NYC this week. Absolutely amazing! But a question about the guitar- she only played Bobbing for Apples and That Time, and afterwards said she wished she could play more than 2 songs on the guitar. I guess it's up for debate :)