Sunday, April 5, 2009

Predictions: Wes Anderson Film Music

Nicole Reynolds is a simple solo indie folk singer whose voice almost aches with experience and wisdom despite sounding extremely young and innocent. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Nicole has released 3 albums in the last 3 years, her most recent record being Unordinary Mine, and each track makes me feel like I do when I watch Wes Anderson films - her songs can be stark and chock-full of understated poignancy at times, but also organic and uplifting. Even the description of Unordinary Mine sounds like a Wes Anderson plot: "Unordinary Mine is a collection of songs from 2007 to 2009. In it are loggers, prostitutes, a congressman, taxmen, indians, a girl who smokes, a girl who doesn't, a canary, a fireman, and some other mysterious figures." The 25 year-old draws inspiration on things like politics, war, equal rights and, of course, relationships. Her lyrics are to the point, "In this land of plenty/ we've got the rich, we've got the poor/ You go to school if you got the money/ If you don't, you go to war," and beautifully honest, "my heart is made of instruments/ that strum this song for you/ they bend and twist each simple pitch/ in hopes you'll feel it too." There is something rare and absolutely captivating about this one, so if you live on the east coast, find her and catch a show.

Wonderin from Unordinary Mine [mp3]
Here Right Now from This Arduous Alchemy [mp3]

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
May 1 - The Starving Artist - Keene, NH
May 2- Iron Horse - Northamptom, MA
May 8- Club Passim - Cambridge, MA
May 9- One Longfellow Square - Portland, ME

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