Monday, April 27, 2009

New Lowry music video!

Here is a new music video from Lowry. It's nice and simple, and it was made for $99. While, on the one hand I like the premise of low-budget music videos, I do have to say that I do get a little defensive about things like this as an aspiring filmmaker - I think everyone, no matter that they have less experience than the big-time music video makers, deserves to be paid appropriately for their work, and that can't really be done for $99. It's so hard to make a living in this field and it seems like more and more people expect you to work for free. But political opinions aside, I do like the way this video turned out. It looks quite nice.

I also happened to be walking through Brooklyn today on this beautiful day listening to Lowry's album, "Love Is Dead," and despite the slightly emo sounding title, it's a really pleasant album to listen to on a sunny, contemplative walk. It's laid back and kind of nostalgic. Their music has this floating quality that relaxes me.

Whiskey [mp3] - (iTunes)

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