Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Middle Distance Runner @ NASA

Take a walk on the trippy side with me.

This Saturday, I went to NASA (yes, that NASA) and saw Middle Distance Runner, a band with origins here in DC, but who is gaining notoriety in some of the more indie-cool scenes along the east coast. The show was a total trip--with people dressed as aliens, Star Wars paratroopers (is that what they're called?) and a cake, in the shape of the Hubble telescope. More than that, friends, was the amazing-ness, the all-out-show-stopping Middle Distance Runner.

When MDR took the stage, there was an buzz already in the room (probably from the sugar high and blood alcohol content of most in the room), and the energy seemed to crank up a few notches. Perhaps my favorite thing about seeing bands perform live is when I get to see that magic moment, where the band is doing their thing, totally absorbed in their music, and the crowd feels this vibe of electricity pulling them together in the same rhythmic heartbeat. Middle Distance Runner had me at the first twang of the guitar string straight through the set.

The band played both songs off of their new single "The Unbeliever," including the title track. The Unbeliever has an interesting timbre to it; it has highs and lows, chaos and simplicity, falsettos and tenors. For those musically inclined toward boredom, The Unbeliever has enough complexity to it to keep you interested and coming back for more.

I also completely enjoy the track entitled Brother John, which is a bit of a departure from MDR's newer The Unbeliever. I can't shake the feeling the Brother John is a Salvador Dali painting in tune.

Remaining dates to catch them on the East Coast:
4/10 - The Abbey Bar @ Appalachian Brewing Company - Harrisburg, PA
4/11 - The Fire - Philadelphia, PA (Presented by Y Rock on XPN) w/ Drink Up Buttercup
4/16 - Club NME @ The Annex - New York, NY
4/18 - John & Peter's - New Hope, PA
5/16 - The Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, DC (w/ New Rock Church of Fire, Pretty & Nice)

The Unbeliever from the single "The Unbeliever" [mp3] (iTunes)
Brother John from the single "Brother John" [mp3] (iTunes)

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Melissa said...

Hi there,

I love the song Brother John by the Middle Distance Runner, but noticed your download link isn't working.

By any chance, do you think you could re-upload it again?

Many thanks in advance.