Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LA Love: Avi Buffalo Music

Hello Hello! Consider this a last-minute reminder for the Castledoor/Parson Red Heads/Princeton partay tonight. The 3 bands are throwin' down at the Echoplex for Castledoor's record release Shouting At Mountains and the Parson Red Heads' new 7" release Orangufang. Tickets are $7 at the door. Don't miss this one.

Today we're talking about young folks. No, not those young folks. I'm talking about a group of high school kids out of Long Beach, CA (that's just a little bit south of LA, still eligible for LA Love!), whose average age is about 18, and they spend their nights playing indie rock shows instead of doing their math homework and studying for AP tests.

They're called Avi Buffalo Music, and they're cooler than you were when you were 17. Unless you're Zac Efron or something. (Disclaimer: GFP does not necessarily think Zac Efron is cool. But the rest of America seems to.) Lead singer/guitarist Avi shares vocal duties with keyboard player Rebecca Coleman, and wields his instrument as well as (or better than) some guys who are much older than him. I know people who are turned off by his singing, which is somewhere in between actual singing and a Frank Black howl, a high-pitched yelp over quiet fingerpicking and classic guitar riffs -- but I think it's just awesome. Avi and Rebecca are joined by Sheridan Riley on drums, Arin Fazio on bass, and a mysterious new guitar player whose identity they'll be unveiling next month. And they have songs with titles like "Summer Cum" and "Where's Your Dirty Mind"...but don't be fooled, these kids are wise beyond their years

You have 4 chances to see Avi Buffalo Music for FREE in May. They've scored a residency spot at the Echo (just upstairs from where you'll be seeing Castledoor tonight!), and the shows are all-ages, so there's no excuses. And hey - if they're not working, you don't have to either.

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