Friday, April 17, 2009

Emilie Mover

Ok, I'm a bit behind on this one, and when I say late, I mean it - I found this one via a Bounce commercial...but I'd rather mention it late than not at all, cause the girl's got serious potential. Emilie Mover is an unsigned acoustic/folk/jazz artist who was going to be a candidate for the next installment of our Predictions segment for Grey's Anatomy Music, but upon checking my running list of music featured on GA (and yes, I do keep an updated list), discovered she'd already been played on one of this season's episodes (well played, Patsavas, well played.) At any rate, today's song comes from Mover's debut album Good Shake, Nice Gloves and features a ukulele playing Jason Mraz chords (listen, and you'll understand), upbeat claps and vocals "oohs," perfect for those happy spring walks you're taking nowadays.


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